Report!  The solution starts with you

Preventing terrorist or other criminal activities and emergencies is much easier and more effective than reacting to the aftermath.  And it saves lives.
That's why the NCRIC encourages you to contact your local law enforcement agency with tips on wanted individuals, unsolved crimes or potential threats.

For urgent threats and incidents Dial 911 or the FBI -JTTF at (415) 553-7400.  For non-urgent tips or leads, call  1-866-FOR-TTIP 1-866-367-8847 (24/7) Or, Email:

NCRIC - Area of Responsibility 




Report Crimes, Threats & Hazards
Help us keep our communities safe by submitting information about wanted individuals, unsolved crimes or potential threats.(Members of the public should contact their local law enforcement agency)

Urgent Threats/Incidents
Dial 911 or (415)553-7400

For non-urgent tips or leads.  Call (24/7)
1-866-FOR-TTIP (1-866-367-8847)

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