The success of the NCRIC and NCHIDTA hinge on collaboration and engagement with local public and private sector partners. Apply for membership to receive bulletins, alerts, event notifications, or attend training events.


Sample Membership Benefits

  • Direct support from local law enforcement and/or dedicated liaison officers
  • Low or no cost training opportunities
  • Networking and information sharing opportunities with peers and law enforcement
  • Event specific situational awareness briefings and regular updates
  • Timely, accurate, and relevant information, including access to Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) or For Official Use Only (FOUO) content and publications,
    as appropriate
  • Threat awareness, and physical and cyber security assessments

Who should apply?

Government employees, such as those in the fields of Law Enforcement (sworn officer, crime analyst), Public Safety / First Responder / (firefighter, emergency manager), or Public Health (EMT, CDC, Healthcare, Public Health Officers, Behavioral Health and Recovery Professionals).

Private sector, employed in a management, supervisory, or analytic role related to security, emergency management, or business continuity for an organization in a critical infrastructure category, including individuals in a public health function but not employment by a government agency or government contract.


The vetting and approval process usually completes within two weeks, during which time the applicant will undergo a background review and verification of employment. This will include contacting the applicant’s employer, and a review of criminal history.